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R. K. Verma (RKV Sir)

B. Tech. (IIT-Madras, 1994)
M.D., Head-Academics, Sr. Faculty (Physics)

Dear Students,
Being systematic, organized & professionally managed always helps in maintaining the highest standards in any field. When Resonance started its Commerce & Law Program Division in 2012, it did so with the sole aim of providing a systemized and aptly organized education to the masses. It was the time to fill in the gap in this sector by introducing a platter of services, all under one roof which included systematic curriculum, optimum course planning, rigorous periodic testing, appropriate study material etc. And with our already well-established and trusted IIT & Medical Division, we tried our level best to replicate and maintain the same standards and the flawless teaching methodology in our Commerce and Law Program Division as well.

The success of our systematic approach is very much evident in our results. In just two years of establishment, our division has produced several successful stories. Academic Session 2013-14 got us a lot of achievements with All India Ranks 12 & 19 in CS-Foundation, 1st Merit in Rajasthan in Class - XII CBSE, selections with high ranks in Law examinations including CLAT, AILET, LSAT & Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET) & numerous selections in various stages of CA & CS examinations.

In the last few years, we all have witnessed myriad changes in the pattern & syllabus of various examinations but Resonance has always kept itself abreast with those changes and instead has developed strong strategies to encounter them. Thus, we have always been the frontrunners in adapting to the changes.

I welcome aboard all the new students joining the Resonance's Commerce and Law Program Division . I wish that you all will put in that extra effort to create new benchmarks in terms of quality result in various competitive examinations. Our Academic & Management Team will leave no stone unturned in providing you the best inputs to achieve your dream.

Wishing you a great year ahead with lots of achievements.

R.K. Verma
Managing Director
Head - Academics & Senior Faculty (Physics)
DIN: 01204917
CLPD Talwandi