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Fee Refund Rules (Academic Session 2019-20)

1. For Fast-Track Classroom Contact Programs (FCCPs) / Crash Courses & Other Courses Shorter than 3 Months of duration/Individual Subject: No Refund under any circumstances.

2. All other CCPs: Refund shall be based on date of submitting application duly signed by student and parents/guardian in prescribed format for refund. The above date of submission shall be considered in the running week from starting date of the course as given below:

Week Zero Week
(Before commencement)
% Fee Deduction on
Total Course Fee
10% 25% 50% 75% No Refund

An Illustration: Assuming a student of any Course with a course fees of Rs. 20,000/- deposits a fee of Rs. 18,000/- i.e. after 10% scholarship, as applicable in his case and he claims refund within the first week itself of commencement of classes, then the refund to be made in this case will be calculated as under:-

  • Total Course fees: Rs. 20,000 /-
  • Fee Received from the student concerned: Rs. 18,000/-
  • Less: Fee Deduction on Total Fee i.e. Rs. 20,000 @ 25% = Rs. 5,000/-
  • Net Amount to be refunded: 18,000 - 5,000 = Rs. 13,000/-

Note :
(i) No Refund request will be entertained after 21 days (3 Weeks) of Course Commencement. Number of weeks for the calculation of fee refund amount will be calculated from the date of commencement of regular classes (Course/ Batch).
(ii) The date of commencement of classes will be considered as mentioned in the Course Schedule and not from the date on which the student joins the institute/ attends the classes or deposits the fee even if he/she is a latecomer to the institute.
(iii) Refund amount shall be calculated on the actual course fee (As mentioned in the course fee structure).
(iv) If Any Student who has taken admission in All Groups / Both Groups of any course applies for the refund then he/she would be eligible for the refund only as per rules of the Institute i.e. his/her Course Commencement date will be the actual date of Course commencement of the Course & not the date when the classes for any particular group is started.
(v) If any student who has taken admission in all / both Groups & if at a later stage, he/she wants to withdraw from any group, his / her Fee will neither be refunded nor be transferred. So the students are advised to take a correct & sound decision about the course he/she is choosing at the time of admission.